Nuclear Medicine Division
The Division of Nuclear Medicine of the Philippine Heart Center is a full service nuclear medicine which performs both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The division provides all the diagnostic procedures needed in a general Nuclear Medicine set-up with emphasis given to Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine and radionuclide therapeutic procedures to treat diseases responsive to radioactive materials administered internally. It also provides in vitro procedures and interpretations. In the fight against disease, diagnosis is critical to the best treatment and outcome. Imaging techniques give the doctors and staff a unique way to look inside the human body. These techniques combine the use of state-of-the art sensitive scanning equipment, advanced computing technology and various radioactive substances to produce high quality images. Total number of procedures performed annually approximately 60,000.
Services Offered
  1. SPECT Thallium-201 with Stress
  2. SPECT Thallium-201 Rest Redistribution
  3. SPECT Thallium-201 with Dipyridamole
  4. SPECT Thallium-201 with Stress and Reinjection
  5. SPECT Sestamibi with Stress
  6. SPECT Sestamibi Resting
  7. SPECT Sestamibi with Dipyridamole
  8. First Pass RNA
Pulmonary Pulmonary
  1. Lung perfusion
  2. Lung ventilation
  3. Leg Venography
  4. Leg Venography including Perfusion
Non-Cardiac Procedures
  1. Thyroid Scan
  2. Thyroid Uptake (I-131)
  3. Thyroid Uptake and Scan
  4. Renal Scan/GFR/Renogram (In-vitro)
  5. Renal Scan Furosemide
  6. Renal Scan (DMSA)
  7. Scintimammography (HDP)
  8. Scintimammography (Sestamibi)
  9. Scintimammography with Bone Scan (HDP)
  10. RBC Tagged Scan/G.I. Bleeding
  11. Hepatobiliary
  12. SPECT Liver Scan
  13. Parathyroid (TI-201)
  14. Parathyroid (Mibi)
  15. Gastroesophageal Reflux
  16. Testicular Imaging
  17. Dacryocystogram
  18. Salivary Gland
  19. Meckel’s Diverticulum
  20. Bone Scan using I-131
  21. Whole Body Scan (I-131)
Radioimmunoassay Procedures
  1. FT3 RIA
  2. FT4 RIA
Radioiodine I-131 Therapy
It is located at Pagbubungkos Plaza between hospital building and Medical Arts building. For more information please contact the local numbers 2164 to 2165.
Last Modified: January 11, 2021