Cardiac Rehabilitation Section
The Philippine Heart Center- Cardiac Rehabilitation Section is the pioneer in the field of cardiac rehabilitation and has been in the forefront of the cardiac rehabilitation practice in the Philippines. It is also a major proponent of primary and secondary prevention of cardiac diseases since its inception in 1975. The Comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (CCReP) is designed to help patients with heart disease recover faster and return to full and productive lives. The program is composed of 3 phases: Phase I or In-patient Phase, Phase II or Early Recovery Phase and Phase III or Maintenance Phase. Each phase is designed to address the different needs of the patient and maximize their gain in the various stages of their recovery.
The section is located at the 8th floor of the Medical Arts Building, just beside the elevator where you can see a 3-lane indoor oval designed to enhance physical fitness. It has ample rooms for group exercise classes, patient consultation, health education lectures, and support group meetings for the patients’ partner and family. It also has a Human Performance Laboratory where various physical fitness evaluations are done. For more information please contact the local numbers 3800 to 3801.
Services Offered
  1. Comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (CCReP)
    • In Patient Program (Phase I)
    • Out Patient Program
      • - Early Recovery Phase (Phase II)
      • - Maintenance Phase (Phase III)
  2. Project H.O.P.E. (Health Optimization through Prevention and Exercise) – Rehabilitation program that include exercise and health education lectures designed specifically for patients with Heart Failure and being done twice in a week.
  3. Lifestyle Clinic – a primary or secondary prevention program that covers the following:
    • Risk factor identification and modification
    • Physical fitness assessment
    • Physical activity and exercise counseling
  4. Starter’s Class – a beginners program with complete physical fitness assessment program and exercise prescription for home-based or out-of-center exercise.
Last Modified: December 19, 2023