We shall provide comprehensive cardiovascular care enhanced by education and research that is accessible to all.
The Philippine Heart Center is the leader in upholding the highest standards of cardiovascular care, a self-reliant institution responsive to the health needs of the Filipino people by 2022.
To provide compassionate and expert patient care.
To provide world-class education and training.
To conduct Internationally-acclaimed research.
To responsibly disseminate scientific and lay information to the public.
We believe that by sharing the following values, we shall remain true to our Mission:
Patient-focused Care
We shall uphold the highest commitment to each one of our patients, giving each of them utmost priority and ensuring everyone has everything he needs to get well, including our dedicated care and attention.
Our patients shall know us not only for our experise but also for our sensitivity and compassion. We try always to remember that our patients need not just cure but healing and nurturing. Their overall wellness is what we seek.
We shall conduct ourselves in the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We shall uphold fairness and honesty in all our dealings with our patients, partners and suppliers. We believe that it is only in so doing that we preserve our right to serve the Nation and our Countrymen.
We give what is due in every transaction or relationship. We earn respect by likewise according the respect each one deserves, not by demanding it.
We seek excellence in everything we do by striving to be better each day. We shall be the experts in our fields of endeavor and we will not rest until we have shared this expertise with others who have the same passion for excellence. We believe our patients and the Filipino people deserves no less.
Last Modified: May 03, 2023