1. Patients with request for Wellness Packages shall proceed to Wellness Clinic located at the Rm. 515, 5th floor, Medical Arts Building.
  2. The Wellness Clinic Staff will give preliminary instructions regarding details / preparations of the availed package(s).
  3. The patient or the patient's relative/guardian will fill-out forms needed for the procedure(s).
  4. Patient will follow up for the release of the official results from the Wellness Clinic / concerned diagnostic laboratories.
  5. Wellness clinic will collate the official results from the concerned diagnostic laboratories and release to the patient/patient's relative and to the attending physician after three to five (3-5) working days from the last procedure.
  6. No diagnostic laboratory procedure shall be removed and/or replaced from the Heart Package brochure. Additional laboratory exams can be done except for certain procedures which require written request from the Attending Physician.
  7. It is presumed that all patients undergoing these tests have private physicians who will interpret the results for them.
  8. Package rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Requirements and Preparations

  • Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS): 6-8 hours fasting
  • Lipid Profile: 10-12 hours fasting
  • Lipid Profile and FBS: 10-12 hours fasting
  • Fasting: No food and/or fluid intake

  • For Scheduling: Please call Non-Invasive Lab at tel. no. 8925-2401 local 3140 or 3141
  • For strict compliance: Present doctor's request form
Last Modified: July 29, 2022