The Philippine Heart Center was conceived and continues to function as a specialty hospital for heart surgery and cardiovascular interventions. However, the many challenges in delivery cardiovascular care convinced the PHC Leadership and Executive Committee to refresh the governance charter and adapt a clear Strategic Plan which will provide a roadmap and guide for future program direction, sensitive to the ever changing healthcare environment. Such roadmap becomes consistent despite change of management in the next years, ensuring that the development of new programs are in alignment with the PHC mission as well as any future directions from the Philippine Department of Health.
Beyond the regulatory compliance to align the objectives of PHC as a Specialty Hospital of the Department of Health, PHC fully supports the DOH's call for "Kalusugan Pangkalahatan" or Universal Healthcare. Consequently the 2010 PHC Balanced Scorecard (BSC) was harmonized with the 2012 PGS Scorecard for DOH Hospitals. In June 2012, the cascading workshop of the Department of Health to create the Performance Governance Scorecard for government hospitals was the first exposure of PHC to the Performance Governance System.
The Philippine Heart Center is convinced that better governance requires a clear understanding of long term goals and continuing monitoring of performance milestones. The first BSC designed was the performance measurement tool for PHC from 2010-2012. This consisted of 26 measures and targets that focused on standard BSC perspectives which were designed to fit the "FOURmula One for Health" of the Department of Health (DOH). Specific associations were: 1- Financial Perspective: Health Financing; 2- Customer Perspective: Health Service Delivery; 3- Internal Process: Health Regulation; and 4- Learning and Growth Perspective: Good Governance.
Last Modified: June 21, 2024