About IGG
The Islands of Good Governance Initiative (IGG) was started by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), in partnership with the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) and the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD). The IGG Initiative seeks to increase the competitiveness of the Philippines through the installation of key governance mechanisms in both public and private sector institutions. These governance mechanisms will then result to transformative breakthroughs that will be felt by every Juan and Juana. To determine whether an organization is an Island of Good Governance, the mechanisms and breakthrough results are subjected to an evaluation process.
At the forefront of this advocacy that aims to build public institutions who value good governance in pursuit of its vision, ISA has formulated the IGG Certification Process Guidelines as a tool to determine an organizationís readiness to take on the IGG challenge.
Ultimately, the IGG initiative challenges everyone to take part in governance - propelling the vision of a stronger Filipino nation into reality.
What is the Islands of Good Governance Initiative?
The Islands of Good Governance Initiative (IGG) is a certification process that seeks to showcase the exemplary transformation of public and private sector institutions that have achieved breakthrough results through governance reform.
What is the rationale behind the establishment of the IGG?
The IGG was created following President Benigno S. Aquino IIIís mention of the Philippines as a "bastion of good governance" at the 2014 World Economic Forum. The IGG initiative aims to add more substance to this claim by recognizing the positive strides that have been made through the pursuit of crucial reforms in the public and private sectors. IGG wishes to show concrete proof that good governance is not just a by-word, but the "new normal".
Last Modified: November 15, 2023