WELCOME to the Philippine Heart Center. You have just been admitted to one of the finest heart care institutions in this part of the world. Our foremost concern is your maximum comfort and speedy recovery.
The Philippine Heart Center is essentially a hospital for patients suffering from heart ailments. However, it is equipped to render the best possible care for most other illnesses. It ranks as one of the leading medical institutions in Asia for the medical and surgical treatment of heart diseases. The Center admits more than 14,000 patients yearly, of whom more than 3,300 undergo heart surgery.
Aside from offering medical services, the Center is deeply involved in cardiovascular research, training and education and public information. It offers training programs not only for aspiring heart specialists but also for private and government medical practitioners. It engages in various researches on the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases and undertakes nationwide information programs on the heart and heart care.
Medical and Support Staff. You are assured of the finest care at the Heart Center, made possible by a team of experienced and competent doctors, nurses, technicians and paramedical personnel.
Our medical staff consists of some 600 physicians, each a leading specialst in his line, with years of training and actual practise in the best medical centers in our country, in the United States and Europe. All their expertise will be at your service during your stay here. While we cannot claim perfection in the delivery of health care to our patients, we can assure you that you will be in most capable hands.
Last Modified: March 22, 2024